I AM SOLD! – Living Life In Colour


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Acrylic on double thick edge canvas, finished with two coats of Liquitex Gloss Varnish for dust and UV protection.

102cm (W) x 102cm (H) x 3cm (D)

Signed on the front.

This piece is an exploration of living one’s life in colour.. Black and white Gumnuts still own the narrative but are they competing with the colourful parrots or complimenting them by allowing the parrots colours to shine?
I guess it’s a bit like life. We constantly bend and shift, dull ourselves and then shine when we can to keep the harmony of our own life’s composition. Are our lives in harmony with all the elements that built it?
Are we living our life in full colour or are we allowing ourselves the time to be sit back and observe others to create the opportunity to shine?
Nature is an example of harmony, balance and support. Natures elements intertwine to coexist as should we.

For an additional 300 dollars, floating timber frames are available upon request.


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