I AM SOLD! Just Look Up


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Acrylic on double thick edge canvas finished with two coats of Liquitex Matt varnish for dust and UV protection.

Signed on the front.

51cm (W) x 71cm (H) x 3cm (D)

This is the view from my hammock!
In the late afternoon I like to lie under the 100 plus year old trees in my garden and look up at the shape and form of the leaves and Gumnuts.
The leaves represent the colourful web of life connected but also fun and alive in their own right. My trees attracts so much wildlife – don’t forget to look up sometimes. There’s a whole wide world up there if you just look up.
Look up from your screen, connect with nature, connect with colour, play and experiment with your environment. Mother Nature never fails to disappoint.
I hope you enjoy this piece. Love Ren x


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