Flock Together In Black


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Acrylic on A3 watercolour paper

Signed on the front.

This series of birds ( please check my other listings for more) are a playful take on the Australian native trend that has taken the Australian art scene by storm. I like to think of this series of work as natives done differently.
I’ve always been interested in the personalities and differences in markings that birds have. I grew up in the bush surrounded by a lot of native birds and my parents had several aviaries to keep birds. As a little girl, I got to understand the uniqueness of each bird based on their personality and makings in their feathers even though they looked the same breed they were unique.
Every bird has unique markings in their feathers and has personality. They are also made up of the same skeleton and feathers as the rest of the flock.
I guess it’s a bit like humans, we present our unique selves to the world by dressing or behaving a certain way etc but underneath we have the same skeleton and make up like everyone else. Our fashion choices play a large part to do with our style. How we humans present ourselves isn’t that different to birds, they too are unique and try to stand out from the flock.
If you observe enough you will notice the little idiosyncrasies our native fauna and flora has. All unique and worth observing it’s important to take the time to notice.
Hope you enjoy this little collection as much as I do.
Thanks for looking and big love, Renee x


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