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Clutches are available on this website and at the following stockist only

Lotus Gifts, Jetty Road Brighton SA

Each clutch is actually an individual painting on canvas that is then sewn into a bespoke clutch handbag. 

As you can imagine this is a very time consuming process with lots of steps. Shop for canvas, prime canvas with three layers of white paint to then paint the design onto, shop for materials (fabrics to line each one etc) come up with a design, paint it by hand, 2 coats of varnish, deliver to machinist, machinist to sew, photograph clutch, list on the website and then finally ship to the new owner.

There’s a lot of this style of bag on the market. Mine are different in that they aren’t cut from a big roll of painted canvas. Each one is designed separately on its own small piece of canvas big enough to make one only bag.
Consider it as a piece of art that you can use!
I hope you enjoy using them for special occasions.

Love Renee